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Gotham City Ballot Book

Kenny Keil
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44 page, E-Book

If you’re Batman, you’re a single issue voter – And

that issue is justice. But what if you’re one of Gotham

City’s other 10 million citizens, according to a statistic

I found on Wikipedia? With the Gotham City Sample

Ballot, it’s up to YOU to decide!

Are you concerned about overcrowding in Arkham

Asylum? What about stricter EPA regulations for Ace

Chemicals? And could we finally revitalize Crime Alley

by like, not calling it that?

Gotham City Sample Ballot is a deep dive into the

issues facing pop culture’s most broken democracy.

The economy is in shambles, the air is poison, and the

people in charge are largely idiots and con artists with

no moral compasses. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal

with anything like that in the real world.

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Gotham City Ballot Book

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